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^WitchBritt Beresik
^When You're DrunkHeather Barton, Glynn Rodgers
^Forever Together`NdqQR6AMNSsHeather Barton
^Get It`lcB5oHao9AkAmy Glass, Darren Bailey
^When Will I Be Loved`221DZnHBsIAGary O'Reilly
^Never Gonna Not Dance`q7GE3KIbVE8Maddison Glover
^Big Energy`leIzsSEIMOkScott Blevins, Tim Johnson
^6's to 9's`5yAjKN5r5G8Scott Blevins, Jo Thompson Szymanski
^We Did`7tBrCV56OAgGary O'Reilly
^Flaws`Zvn8Zpsxy7gMaggie Gallagher
^Hand Me Downs`rI3lmCVZRS8Gary O'Reilly
^Dancing in the Country`bn8iz4szIGsMaddison Glover
^Rather Crazy`64qLRDFCDD0Fred Whitehouse, Kim Ray
^Blowing Smoke`v5MFCa6sp7gAntoinette Seiler
^Show Me The Rain`mMFEXb1B9sEEsmeralda van de Pol, Chris Godden, Mark Furnell
^Sunroof`s3J6M2c4lmwShane McKeever
^Mama & Me`zJ-EyYIvG10Gary O'Reilly
^Heaven's Jukebox`iuhj3jpEz_sJosé Miguel Belloque Vane, Willie Brown
^Tribal Town`Nn4kmL8oNfsGary O'Reilly
^Hold Me Closer`o5ZEoPgfKoMGary O'Reilly, Maggie Gallagher
^2 Stepping Away`9Gzp53W9QXk Darren Bailey, Rob Fowler, Kate Sala
^Remember This`YoSg8Z-hf3kMaddison Glover
^Country Party AB`nv0RsoWnIyUMichelle Wright
^Mellow Moonlight`cednUpXNJM0 Sue Ayers
^Heads Carolina, Tails California`W-pzu0Mc9tkDans, Moro
^Don't Overthink It`wGMgW1KTYRQChris Jacques
^Hasta La Vista`-oCgeD_wBAYGary O'Reilly, Maggie Gallagher
^Beautiful In My Eyes`_gzPgx9xshUSimon Ward
^The Vibe`I63_8vB9xncTim Johnson
^Tick Tock, Tick Tock`w2l7z-gQI8IRhoda Lai
^Thinking Whiskey`iyNvpLBtrWERob Fowler, Kate Sala, Guillaume Richard, Roy Verdonk
^Storm and Stone`1OxfWEgemkwMaddison Glover
^A Million Voices`MX2ejtjgM2kJo Kinser, Ivonne Verhagen, Rhoda Lai, Heather Barton
^Polka Dot Bikini`xD5o2Beo2f0Wil Bos
^House On Fire`RM0R4bF4PWoRia Vos
^Sharks`Gbwh-5TnMuEJulia Wetzel
^Impossible Love`PXq34I7yvK0Niels Poulsen
^Kiss Me Goodbye`g2CdbdxaqwEMark Furnell, Chris Godden
^Another One Bites The Dust`RKthQingmCwRyan Hunt
^Dim The Lights`7IvvbOktcycMaddison Glover, Simon Ward
^Always Humble`SRHBFcuyiF8Willie Brown
^Wind in My Sails`YP7xrbmgzxYMaggie Gallagher
^Bottom of the Bottle`uLNjaQE4G-wGary O'Reilly
^Changed Everything`Hi_Oz6C24N8Kate Sala
^Easy Tonight`MJvyrJYUfzUMichelle Wright
^Urban Nights`snT4qk4d6AsKim Ray
^I'm on My Way`daqLayXW6MgMaggie Gallagher
^Soulmates`YUcoWdoK_QEShane McKeever
^Til the Neons Gone`bHTNw1cp-bkDarren Bailey
^Poco Loco`ztVEq-8mIxcAlison Biggs, Peter Metelnick
^Crazy In LineJoey Warren, Maddison Glover, Simon Ward
^Crazy What Love Can Do`yiW42bLVYvEJulia Wetzel
^Lala SwingTim Johnson, Jean-Pierre Madge
^Sweet Release`BO2-Cl3Aj-YFred Whitehouse, Shane McKeever
^Shake Your CakeAmy Glass, Cody Flowers
^Infinite Compassion (CBA 2022)`4GVkSGv3V9URia Vos
^Suda (aka Sweat)`S3iuPZMI57cSobrielo Philip Gene
^The Joker And The Queen`5b7NWVkI8I8Alison Biggs, Peter Metelnick
^LDFunk (CBA 2022)`r5ObIBmZeNgDaniel Trepat, José Miguel Belloque Vane, Jean-Pierre Madge
^Dance Without a Partner`yBmCcD8R08ENiels Poulsen
^Love Grows`S9mJMFrUBdoCraig Bennett, Maddison Glover
^Here Goes Nothing!`__8r2xgjJZIGary O'Reilly
^Dopamine (CBA 2022)`R4momLm5a9UGary O'Reilly
^She Don't Know (CBA 2022)`UX96vlK7rP8Maddison Glover
^A Little Bit Louder`5GVpQmkvEZMMaggie Gallagher
^Do It With Style`FxeUaO5ljPcMaryse Gagnon, Stéphane Beauchamp
^Greener Grass (CBA 2022)`ijqO2BLzsrkElaine Cook
^1 + 1`LGrrGvTb6gcJean-Pierre Madge, Niels Poulsen
^'Til You Can't`226wu11_XAkGary O'Reilly
^Danger Twins`JZ9LCYzIhmIKarl-Harry Winson, Jamie Barnfield
^Only Us`hjbpXGrzJJwMaggie Gallagher
^Some Kind Of Wonderful`PeFYYtrw3l8Gary O'Reilly
^Contigo With Me!`zGoh8wRHb64Gary O'Reilly
^Drink Drank Drunk`rGKq531B45cRachael McEnaney
^Hello Beautiful`TF-Rf2ZY0S4Rob Fowler
^What A Song Can Do`knaxhoBkQEQHeather Barton, Andrew Hayes
^Fancy Like`MOgRIq0KqfgMichelle Wright
^Where Oh Where`aKQ4_6Efx-wJo Thompson Szymanski
^I Love My Life (CBA 2021)`QIV6HmmsiRwJaszmine Tan, Jennifer Choo Sue Chin, Rebecca Lee, EWS Winson
^The Beer's On Me`lc4K42M1J_kJulia Wetzel
^Please Dance With Me`6SvInrrrvKAJosé Miguel Belloque Vane
^Corn`yMXgnwemEocRob Fowler
^Sunrise Waltz`0TfkMiHnA3gAlison Biggs, Peter Metelnick
^Here We Go`HVdynvYp5MsGary O'Reilly, Maggie Gallagher
^Boom Boom Clap`l-cXh3YLWGwRoy Verdonk, Sebastiaan Holtland, Annette Rosendahl Dam
^Give Me Shivers`vDjbnO1bTjsJulia Wetzel
^Raised Like That`d8h80cUif7wDarren Bailey
^Foolish`pBYYhabphccDarren Bailey
^Train Wreck`S0XfIqxSgUwNiels Poulsen
^Cold Heart`XuyOwyNzMuEMaddison Glover
^Tonight We're Dancing`3eSpgNuoip8Maddison Glover
^Cyber Drop (WDM 21)`7N5f9R1ZY0sFred Whitehouse, Shane McKeever
^In The Morning Sun`kx4F3nfSKocIvonne Verhagen, José Miguel Belloque Vane
^Moses Roses Toeses`ZEvFxQ9MGPkAmy Glass
^Bad Habits`Oo-ubb0Pb4MMaggie Gallagher, Gary O'Reilly
^Would Have Loved Her`xKICE97kRIoDarren Bailey
^Weekend Vibes`58TFoI2_sxUKarl-Harry Winson, Jamie Barnfield
^My Bestie`eOF63cOm6I4Colin Ghys, José Miguel Belloque Vane
^Kind To Me`wAV_jYzkz5kGary O'Reilly
^D.O.D`jPh9fIDRFr8Fred Whitehouse
^Sundown Swing`q95blt-QwKwDarren Tubridy, Elaine Cook, Rob Fowler
^Glad You Exist`BeugYQrQDbwMegan Barsuglia
^Same Boat`Uxsff1dB3-4Rachael McEnaney
^Float Ya' Boat`5w2GgvkKrLMRia Vos
^Dance Before You Leave Me`JDD7sF-4mwwMaggie Gallagher
^7 Summers Cha`n8XNTsHqHPUElaine Cook, Rob Fowler
^Take Your Time`oOS-Aw-s5KoCharlie Bowring, Susan Duncan, Rob Fowler
^Dancing In The Moonlight`niBuRwsS9JsMathew Sinyard
^Tequila Little Cha`hBlkxIYqV0AGwen Walker
^Dance With Dee`SOg4BarSVjoAntoinette Seiler
^What Happens Next`6ct6lRHUW2gJulia Wetzel
^Keep Young`47aELl6Q63oMaggie Gallagher
^Soul-Stirring`mJHd6OHNM4EJef Camps, Roy Verdonk
^Country In 3 (CBA 2021)`oOM46T_I7LYMichele Burton, Maddison Glover, Jo Thompson Szymanski
^I've Seen It All`QodcxdZqMPQGary O'Reilly
^Both`D6Y_NeALTZoDave Morgan, Jenny Stevenson
^Rolling Stone`qAct0ZZxyqUNiels Poulsen
^Safe And Sound`s3XN6JT2gjkDee Musk
^Old Time Rock N RollMaggie Pecchia
^Gucci`p8wQ9oN5xBINiels Poulsen, Jessica Boström
^Jersey Boys`-p_OsaThmlMGary Lafferty
^Toe To Toe`vVh_2xxeb1wTina Argyle
^Jo's Tennessee Waltz`MvDmi1T1owQJo Thompson Szymanski
^You Don't Know Me`XniWRs-_5nALene Mainz Pedersen
^Just Keep Falling`NcEbqLqUDoIDarren Bailey
^Midnight WaltzJo Thompson Szymanski
^Little Wagon Wheel`yyPBTZVu9EsGaye Teather
^Katchi`icxBmxQ-fzARob Fowler
^Runaround Sue`0F_rs_AVkQkRaymond Sarlemijn, Ira Weisburd
^Little Less Broken`yKIZpa0Dls4Maddison Glover
^Drink A Little Beer`Sj7E7TGbKEgSobrielo Philip Gene, David Hoyn, Grace David
^Along For The RideTerry Hogan
^Absolutely`T4C1zKf4TPkNiels Poulsen
^3 To Tango`Mx6Y6kVYo5MAlison Biggs, Peter Metelnick
^One Too Many`4H1dFFCNQWgNeville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris
^Why Don't We Just DanceSonja Hemmes
^Walk It Down To The Honkytonk`70YYQRsTZ90Step5678
^Pillows`Z_epQJHhW7cLinda Burgess
^Love You More`ffyYCiFv1x4Darren Bailey, Amy Glass
^It Ain't My Fault`4qVH7He_z6wBrandon Zahorsky
^I Want A Cowboy For A NightPat Newell
^Graffiti Baby`HiogM55EUsYJulie Snailham
^Do You Remember`ruo2npJpIDcAlison Biggs, Peter Metelnick
^Country Bump`pKuvpJVcbo8Darren Bailey
^Get Drunk Get Loud`qEgq85S3lmQRob Holley
^Love Like A Symphony`eXQ7dKdFKzIGrace David, Jef Camps
^You Are The Reason Baby`K_xbq8TgREgAlison Johnstone
^Crowd My Mind`kA7MziWiRFANorman Gifford
^Kacey's Moon`bQdSfMtWBpAMathew Sinyard
^White Summer Dress`zMXSzikJjvEAnette Starup
^Now This Is Us`KICsawJNV1YNeville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris
^Done`aq0ZXJtPQk4Darren Bailey
^Miss Congeniality`_4hhxBm_0T4Julie Lockton, Sebastiaan Holtland
^No Truck SongTom Glover
^Country Boy Lovin'`ez5sntJQ5tAMaddison Glover
^Lean On Me`NVNZBNCKcQsTammy Wyatt, Vivienne Scott, Chantelle Richards, Rachel Bazuin
^Faith, Hope and Love (LDF)`B-L9JR0CIuAFred Whitehouse, Darren Bailey, José Miguel Belloque Vane
^Hot Stuff`-Tro3CRgXY0Luke Watson
^Southern Dreams`ktlZXEYknO0Maddison Glover
^Blinded By The LightsAnna Oldberg
^Day Of The Dead`56eE1bq2ix8Dan Albro
^Alter Ego`eEZN9tdR054Karl-Harry Winson
^Still Together 6feet Apart!Maggie Pecchia
^Love Train`lGrrIVTSPqwAnnie Saerens
^Hole In The Bottle`q8EuDIf6iQQClaire Bell
^Country 2 Step`1ZcJiSOQpJcMasters In Line
^Nobody, Nobody But YouStep5678
^Perfect Remedy`17CaPbna0EMJulia Wetzel
^Love Ain't`ZW7LPFXqNUEDarren Bailey
^Sweet Attraction`H8l5uvqza48Kate Sala, Shelly Guichard, Dee Musk
^React`PXUA2T53FbIMaggie Gallagher, Gary O'Reilly
^Choose Joy`r6T3g_-l8ycRachael McEnaney-White
^Legend`QGLP4ELVu0oRobbie McGowan Hickie, Karl-Harry Winson
^Crystal Touch`ovFrCDbaxAoClaire Bell, Maddison Glover
^What a Man Gotta Do`dFAP9rV4kmMScott Blevins, Amy Glass
^Wintergreen`gmGF6SryCbYMaggie Gallagher
^Good Feelings`TlUPhmPEgZwFred Whitehouse
^Big Mouth`Vzj41-K6CD0Amy Glass
^California`PpDOmAZIOe4Daniel Whittaker, José Miguel Belloque Vane
^Don't Start Now`YRnwjYMg6uINiels Poulsen
^Just a Phase`-Crcp1z6wtgFred Whitehouse, Maddison Glover
^Stomp Down`_DHd09-TnMcJosé Miguel Belloque Vane, Sebastiaan Holtland
^Oh Me Oh My Oh`AzfgZHX-iHURob Fowler
^Cooler Than Cool`Hv2aeW_lDFYNiels Poulsen
^In Other Words`Oef01pfTW14Julia Wetzel
^Rolling With Love`ADcHcXX6lKAHeather Barton, Simon Ward
^Pocket Of Hearts`qd7jLtGf-0gMaggie Gallagher
^Like We Were`TAJbPkRXSRkAlison Biggs, Peter Metelnick
^Old Town Road`3MSp9ayuBgYJean-Pierre Madge, José Miguel Belloque Vane
^Sweet Temptation. a.k.a (KDNA)`ZKc6ZwUQ3h0Darren Bailey
^Pick A Bale`lXx8cTTewdIUnknown
^Faithful Soul`Op_CMHevItwGary O'Reilly, Maggie Gallagher
^Dare To Dance`0s5vsOoq3iMFred Whitehouse
^Turning Tables`fgFumhoEC9AMaddison Glover, Tom Glover
^Thinkin Bout You`qCmxbUcNdlMAmy Glass
^It's Only Human`3G8XeDEPHjsRhoda Lai
^10,000 More`tq8HLib_Oj8Shane McKeever
^Lay Here With Me`SBrl2MZw8KwJulia Wetzel
^Baby I'm Torn`gOY543W34bcJulia Wetzel
^Adalaida`wFviGUcC77wGary O'Reilly
^Remember You Young`1Hf9NCT70NwAmund Storsveen, Jo Thompson Szymanski
^Half Past Tipsy`TcgqMhHeX7QMaddison Glover, Rachael McEnaney-White
^Danny's Song`NMPtXoN6KqkMaddison Glover
^Gone West`hzmsrR2PV18Gary O'Reilly, Maggie Gallagher
^Up in the Air`H1bpIn2YAScRachael McEnaney-White, Simon Ward
^These Old Boots`tyIQq9VAs3ARob Fowler
^Bored`4ZpOQq9lsLsRia Vos
^Just Seventeen`qkR-sGZRaXsTerri Martin
^Sand`IRstolp1HdAJill Weiss
^On Top Of The World`R0acXGOIxSkSimon Ward
^See Ya Later Alligator`r947JfJuSoYMichele Burton, Jo Thompson Szymanski
^Hotstepper`wgXmHoiY8uADaniel Trepat
^Dance Monkey`kbZCACyP7TwAlison Johnstone
^Sometimes I Wonder`mFI_JX_YbXkRon Bloye
^Boys`_SD1sgbOZVUScott Blevins, Joey Warren
^Wonderland Waltz`XdIHr3UwRHERob Fowler, Daniel Whittaker
^Simply The Best`Q_euqZ0afB4Maddison Glover, Rachael McEnaney-White
^Heart Body & Soul`6mNyjNSzUNIYvonne Anderson, Ira Weisburd, Ruben Luna
^When You Smile`rpu6p2hRFpQJosé Miguel Belloque Vane, Roy Verdonk
^Romeo Tonight`wIME9rqB4xcKarl-Harry Winson
^Hey Now!`U71Or939hp8Gary O'Reilly
^L.I.L.Y. (Like I Love You)`dsy40otYG0kDarren Bailey
^Get Wild`NBsXalq--ZcMaddison Glover, Jo Thompson Szymanski
^Was She Spyin'`POwCGd2JCmQRon Bloye
^Tonight Is Real`Ps2ekx55zBwMaggie Gallagher
^Midnight Hauler`QoH8Q0qmHvoMichele Burton, Michael Barr
^Get up, Get up, Get busy`-lhSrJ0Ge5oMark Furnell, Chris Godden
^Nothing To Hide`TK-iqmo3Y4MSimon Ward, Chris Watson
^Sweet And Mentally Insane`KAPCCfr_OZAWill Craig
^Mad Crazy Love`CIHHOXLxXzQGary O'Reilly
^My Heart Is Gone`TjoN3rU3IfIGary O'Reilly
^Soul Shake`pOqgK5HlzxkFred Whitehouse
^Something You Love`gZHvCv3ZbpcMaggie Gallagher
^5 6 7 8 Reasons`NMWTkvm5LMYDarren Bailey, Roy Verdonk
^Nothing Without You`G3kgO8H7_PEAmy Glass
^Train Swing`sp6sjiPuF9UNiels Poulsen
^Shot of Tequila`YagnF8eKgaoFred Whitehouse
^Bonaparte's Retreat`OY_1B8cawOEMaddison Glover
^World For Two`R5sr3ytGSYQGary O'Reilly
^The Show`HEzIZfVuV7oGuillaume Richard, Debbie Rushton
^Knockin' Boots`5rt1xSBxdR4Cody Flowers
^It's All About The 3 Steps`u0mQSPiWhFcJosé Miguel Belloque Vane, Roy Verdonk
^Senorita La-La-La`JGE0k1jWMIgJulia Wetzel
^Never Growing Up`YAz-M50IOUASimon Ward, Maddison Glover, Vivienne Scott
^Rocket to the Sun`0dpphNS2uaYMaddison Glover
^Let Me Down Slowly`qqWulEO0l-EJulia Wetzel
^Loca, Loca, Loca`VROtZJCR0uYJosé Miguel Belloque Vane, Sebastiaan Holtland, Roy Verdonk
^Rock It`CFsc9WHS9J0Julia Wetzel
^Good As You`CHSSO3CKhlUMichele Burton, Michael Barr
^Satisfied`ine1r7_9T64Amy Glass
^Dancing with a Stranger`AhwhCq4tihcJohnny Two-Step
^Lonely Blues`BWTmWIIN8MwRachael McEnaney-White
^Everything I Have`IrBJvJ_MZNMGary O'Reilly, Maggie Gallagher
^Hotel Room`W90e_-Fb3oQDaniel Trepat, José Miguel Belloque Vane, Sebastiaan Holtland
^Sucker`o-yNQNRggJMJulia Wetzel
^Power Over Me`i4EiGFMsl9URoy Verdonk, Annette Rosendahl Dam, Jef Camps
^Sangria Time`jo4tE0diz8sPat Stott
^Good Vibes`dm1AH6RsusIFred Whitehouse
^Codigo`qOU48uhELgcPat Stott
^Diggin'`in_RaroVQCYAmy Glass
^A Little Kiss`xonJAbivlUMNiels Poulsen
^Reason to Stay`81sv-Zo0RLIDarren Bailey
^Angel & Corona`WR-YFGmazb8Darren Bailey, Kate Sala, Guylaine Bourdages, Roy Verdonk
^We'll Be Dancing`igs-rgQKHccMaggie Gallagher
^Nothing But You`aFdKyX4Kx_sDarren Bailey
^Keep It Simple`NJLzqfJ_xDwMaggie Gallagher
^Lonely Lovers`z8Ky3yo6GAgMaddison Glover
^Shy Waltz`OkCQ3k68rcUAnne Hewit
^Music To My Eyes`vEtVUUx-3hoDerek Steele, Simon Ward
^So Catchy!`Fb4M3hGr67AMaggie Pecchia
^No Strings Attached`EE_IZF7KYmASimon Ward, Maddison Glover, Niels Poulsen
^I Believe`Gwhd81VxMMACaroline Cooper, Julie Snailham
^Secrets We Keep`y0Qk4MvXS0kShane McKeever, Guillaume Richard, Niels Poulsen
^All I Am Is You`ch7dE71eYSQJulia Wetzel
^My Rules`cdRrlcK-pzAAmy Glass
^Got My Name Changed Back`f8MOUHzWepIGail Smith
^Taps`H5-cF5H5QqQDarren Bailey
^Make It Sweet`LkyK_VLSMg8Rachael McEnaney-White
^WWW.West`pW5eBdMjnJIRob Fowler, Shelly Guichard
^Make No Promises`D6I_VzCF8aEJosé Miguel Belloque Vane, Jef Camps
^Healing Hands`gQon_zFwBjsMaddison Glover
^Yada Yada Yada`wxGz1l5R_4oKate Sala
^Waves of Love`CQRqj7rBI_QGary O'Reilly
^Down On Your Uppers`SBq0G0Tf7gkGary O'Reilly
^Just Got Paid`oXvS7gpbySsMaggie Gallagher
^Hey Senorita AB`CW3vKm-eW2oSuzi Beau
^Looking Out For Angels`eSVYcKHU5M4Niels Poulsen
^Homesick Heart`kmom4PL3_akMaddison Glover
^Queen Of My Heart`fCD9wx4_WyYAmy Yang
^La Fiesta Cubana`eeYH71zxcjkRoy Verdonk, Daniel Trepat, Marjana Petauer, Maggie Gallagher
^Sangria Sun`nQ_qw1nv1Z8Tina Argyle
^Texas Time`2lCcQYqsQdEAlan Birchall, Jacqui Jax
^A Double Whiskey`5PY1CIOnJgIGary O'Reilly
^Into The Morning`6yb-ZuLznmoDwight Meessen
^Bedroom Boogie`kAA2SAkT3DAMaddison Glover
^Girl With The Fishing Rod`sSAIGoKt_A4Christina Yang
^I'm On a Roll`Eeu1y0XphxARob Holley
^I See Love`HM_TUPKMaK8Dwight Meessen
^Vanotek Cha`HLKTfs6jZqEGary O'Reilly
^Love Flow`8CyQwDnnW94Niels Poulsen
^I Close My Eyes`-Fc0GLYskN0Hazel Pace
^Beautiful Crazy`DEZpbHI5Gr0Debbie Rushton
^Summer Fever Cha-Cha`tdQU7p0JDaYStephen Pistoia
^Groovy Love`usPu7OsGyPoFred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat, Jonas Dahlgren
^Second Time Around`4J4w1E2gE4YFred Whitehouse, Darren Bailey
^Dirty Little Secret`vw82gxOHxLEKarl-Harry Winson
^Feel the Beat`cqQ9rj_-H3wChris Watson
^New Tattoo`dqkiRovE4bkRob Holley
^Sunshine Twist`Y1m38IWI5BMFred Whitehouse
^Tennessee Cha`d4DQugaTnC4Dee Musk
^A Little Bit Lit`mOJNH_8ojHYRob Fowler
^Half A Cha`5PvgsYuN7x0Rob Fowler
^Simple As Can Be`7dBcHI4SshkJulia Wetzel
^Get It Right`qgddFnJt-FoMaddison Glover
^Surprise In Vancouver`J0q_8TxYCXgRaymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk
^No Excuses`AEmt2gF8JNsCraig Bennett, Dee Musk
^On the Loose`d_59fT5MESARia Vos
^The Drifter`CZLg1QE72rURobbie McGowan Hickie, Tony Vassell
^Honky Tonk Highway`qpTuRb2rtx4Kelly Cavallaro
^I Got This Too`6GYIDp2YXsUKate Sala
^Do It Like This`XcZHgYCA7JAJonno Liberman
^Simple Things`ErQgTc2a-tYGaye Teather
^My Mother My Teacher My Friend`vx2Xq5bcY2IIra Weisburd
^Something In The Way You Move`Uko6MK_ReFEJo Kinser, John Kinser
^Perfect`C5PP40CURkcAlison Johnstone, Joshua Talbot
^Adventure 45`269WDaoVLoYRia Vos, José Miguel Belloque Vane
^Woman Amen`UqvdkR86flERob Fowler
^I Got A Woman`DeYOTsjAH90Michael Desire Nieto
^Celtic Duo`CZyUUwqHrigMaggie Gallagher, Gary O'Reilly
^Doing The Walk`vq6RgQx5rEMPim Van Grootel, Jef Camps, Roy Verdonk
^Whiskey Bridges`qVbPb84pP1UMaddison Glover
^Heartache On The Dance Floor`O-XATd7TAmEDan Albro
^Wandering Hearts`_aek2NOPqFsGary O'Reilly, Maggie Gallagher
^Born To Love`XzCmk-X3mBwRob Holley
^We'll Stay Young`zYxEmMFI6RoGary O'Reilly, Guillaume Richard, Shane McKeever
^Paddy's Choir`vDBrGbLroZUGary O'Reilly, Maggie Gallagher
^85`83fsKZtC1dcRachael McEnaney-White, Kerry Maus
^Friday At The Dance`8uRkDnZUoGoRob Fowler, Laura Sway
^Swagger Hips`3Wecxdxj1usChris Watson, Linda Burgess
^Meet Me There`_jePXJN4lnIRoy Verdonk, Kevin Deelen, Anja Hauge, Jef Camps
^Make You Stay`egQD5n_YUIgDaniel Trepat, Jef Camps, Roy Verdonk
^For The World`tCBYV-YnHUgMaddison Glover
^People Are Good`4rkgMEXAnpMGary O'Reilly
^Pull You Through`8m6S3zuJEQQMaddison Glover, Jo Thompson Szymanski
^I'm One Of Those`s2RwNxIoVeoDaniel Trepat, José Miguel Belloque Vane, Sebastiaan Holtland
^Dancin' The Dust`iPT1hDz2M24Tina Argyle
^Believe In Me`YS-pkneakqMDee Musk
^Boots`TwEgu3uHHjwMaddison Glover
^Clap Clap Clap`IK4R6nZuqd4Amy Glass
^Everybody's Groovin'`wxLi3v2HgSARhoda Lai, Jo Thompson Szymanski
^All The King's Horses`aD4DYB3mkOkAlison Biggs, Peter Metelnick
^Ms Marianne`vCkKaNLBVNkFrank Trace
^Story`s2Ww88MqBK0Maddison Glover
^I Won't Back Down`mlmJgSaZA1MRachael McEnaney-White
^Havana Cha`tciijL8sZogRia Vos
^Female`B4ebDW2kZbcRia Vos
^Chasing Down a Good Time`TrbTNWsAJx4Dan Albro
^Come Dance With Me`zvbHPJul8pQJo Thompson Szymanski
^I'm Free`YfNBB184EmQRaymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk, Jill Babinec
^Legends and Heroes`QGLP4ELVu0oJack Swanson, Aly Glasier
^Sweet Caroline`CqlSfmlTfvgDarren Bailey
^K is For Kicks`Mw6J-9DAV-wChristopher Gonzalez
^Clap Snap`3s2RIiJMgEAPhilip Sobrielo, Rebecca Lee
^Got A Hole In My Pocket`nuK8YGoGE7ARosie Multari, Jo Thompson Szymanski
^More Than Friends`e6IyoMkPWBoKate Sala, Dee Musk
^Cards On The Table`KGiepHlsOucMaggie Gallagher
^Dance Her Home`TAr9P8uvwcMRob Fowler
^Twisting`7c6dKUd6JRcLaura Sway, Julie Lockton
^Babylon`poD2WE6OAlIFred Whitehouse
^All Katchi, All Night Long`GP8cjg2ahOQKerry Maus
^Rita's Waltz`ql1VTgHgNycJo Thompson Szymanski
^Drinking Problem`PYFqw0NTBq8Darren Bailey
^Think I'm Sexy`4sOzLgQPKYMRachael McEnaney-White, Laura Lopez
^Love Junk`guwxvshodMcSimon Ward, Chris Watson
^The Most Beautiful Girl`4KdNUj3hwDQNiels Poulsen
^All Those Summer NightsStep5678
^Deja Vu`2Cuco96oLsIAnne Herd
^Eyes For You`ljsQq3TGAdUJo Thompson Szymanski
^Summer Sway`m9mHo0ksvjkCody Flowers, Rachael McEnaney-White, Lisa Utz
^Blessed`hnssh_lk3MMJackie Miranda
^A Monster!`SS23pNDlLJUAnna Szymanski
^The Queen`z8Yu1nB4dfARémi Lemaire, Guillaume Richard, Gaetan Bachellerie
^Blackpool By The Sea`P6Qth_CoMeQGaye Teather
^Tango With Me Darling`Jp510YMdHR4Rob Fowler, Daniel Whittaker
^Gypsy Queen`gQwvN1byinsHazel Pace
^Champagne Promise`54i2I9RiGUkTina Argyle
^Life's About`9_2CUO9Ae7kDwight Meessen, Lee Hamilton
^Tick Tick Boom`mPp-0SArAPEDebbie Rushton, Tim Johnson, Jean-Pierre Madge
^Slowly, Gently, Softly (SGS)`NJAoScYfA0gGary O'Reilly
^Ride The Roller Coaster`VEJcbiKXNjIVivienne Scott
^Ride The Roller Coaster`VEJcbiKXNjIVivienne Scott
^Lonely Drum`VhzTAeHoH18Darren Mitchell
^Pom Poms`yUyCababa8MFred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat, Guillaume Richard
^Darling Stand By Me`SWD3b5gevusAlison Biggs, Peter Metelnick
^Girl Of The Summer`MuGQ2s72F34Kate Sala
^Break It Back Down`SSNgWV_QiRwDwight Meessen
^Drunken Dreams`rASLC9p4gLgFred Whitehouse, Niels Poulsen
^CT Shuffle`DwmJMr_bTH0Fred Whitehouse, Darren Bailey
^And Get It On`nesYjOZThdgGary Lafferty
^Fooling Around`1-p42HWSeFgJulia Wetzel, Simon Ward
^Heads And Tails`bzD73M3fcQYDaniel Trepat, Remco Zwijgers, Ivonne Verhagen, Jo Kinser, John Kinser, Giuseppe Scaccianoce
^Kissing Strangers`hCwX8MtWaJwRachael McEnaney-White, Simon Ward
^Happily Ever After`z5pTJ887ST4Maddison Glover
^Alabama Slammin'`vb0zc_70xgwRachael McEnaney-White
^Rhythm Inside`iaEBRLfVDUYDarren Bailey
^1159`AMyEbOaOQ8wRachael McEnaney-White
^Craving YouLieren King
^In The Cheap Seats..`YZB3ID0pBWgNeville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris
^Diamonds And Daughters`F-ZX8HCljyIMaddison Glover, Tom Glover
^Italiano`5NX6CIdbKWsRachael McEnaney-White, Shane McKeever, Niels Poulsen
^Do A Little Life`JpWd22u6WZ0Maddison Glover, Michelle Risley
^Don't Give Up`6H2dRCItI3IVikki Morris
^Nancy Mulligan`LqUN_mvZVgIMaggie Gallagher, Gary O'Reilly
^Shady`6lQ54ORmwp8Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse, Amy Glass
^Bullfrog On A Log`P5gbFoPxONkCef Decaney
^Reflection`imWwY0f0i0sAlison Johnstone
^The Flute`r8VWQxr118cMaggie Gallagher
^Honey Pie`Q-cHmgTPuQ0Maggie Gallagher
^Oops Baby`OdD4HE8LdNECody Flowers, Rachael McEnaney-White
^Yeah!`L2IyGa0ZGPwMichael Barr
^East To West 17`xPyLnEynbRYAlison Johnstone, Simon Ward
^Waltzing At Twilight`HbVwFTovwuIJohn Dembiec
^Ain't Giving`DEHqe4BMbZUFred Whitehouse
^Dig Your Heels`bO_WWTFGyDcMaddison Glover
^Hey Stranger`JqXo4DUuU5YRoy Verdonk, Amy Glass
^Bruno's Way`XZtbbEpuRqENiels Poulsen
^24K Magic`54ts_y0KS_4Rob Fowler
^Dance Like Your Daddy`zyzEVBD1LwYJulia Wetzel
^Blue Night Cha`7jToAyvoyBQKim Ray
^Stitches`1WGsgZuCLwoAmy Glass
^Woman Up`x-QQpnfAONMRachael McEnaney-White, Amy Christian
^Corazon Diamante`yWywnYDFLxcRoy Verdonk, Maggie Gallagher, Gary O'Reilly
^Take Me To The River`XJlhGzWYzR0Roy Verdonk, Jonas Dahlgren
^Such A Fool`xmEOnGcyvf0Niels Poulsen
^Jesse James`U9Is-HOR_2kRachael McEnaney-White
^A Love Worth Waiting 4`AQJqQ_Wyy44Norman Gifford
^Blue Night Cha`7jToAyvoyBQKim Ray
^Blue Ain't Your Color`ZqS2IYVSNqsRoy Verdonk, José Miguel Belloque Vane
^Bush Party`zc8uRbJxrfoGudrun Schneider
^Cliché Love Song`kQb6WGSKrXcJo Thompson Szymanski, Guyton Mundy, John Robinson
^California Dream`rcL4Mh5mDsMRhoda Lai
^Wagon Wheel Rock`ExnB1nYoNhoYvonne Anderson
^Emergency`gAPCE8qkV_UFrank Trace
^Wanna Thank You`de8mymCi8gMJulia Wetzel
^I Love Me Most`6LUyZ2-RELUBetty Moses
^A Real Good Time`fmsj3aGoIUkTim Gauci
^Happy In Love`qGgcsP-gQWgFrank Trace
^Midler's Way`nEf2Fzky3G8Adrian Churm
^Your Heaven!`lF0uVlJs38cNiels Poulsen
^Confident`wUZQhRSpukkAmy Glass
^Rock and Roll Music`_iBsQcnZiLYRachael McEnaney-White
^Dock Of The Bay`WzKZmoe8lFURachael McEnaney-White
^So Just Dance Dance Dance !`q4fhJHTeMKYJosé Miguel Belloque Vane, Guillaume Richard
^Big Blue Tree`HjC9DidEwPcRia Vos
^Toes`h8qroyjTyGIRachael McEnaney-White
^A Smile`krfCZAdU_SwSusy O'Shea
^The Fighter`JO4Rv0MEzN0Niels Poulsen, Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk
^The Bomp`URknhhvBbaUKim Ray
^Humble and Kind`tgqEcR5SDmcDarren Bailey
^All Bass No Treble`xkeRw5Ef6QIJonno Liberman, Alix Liberman
^Die A Happy Man`9B5gXqzUU4URachael McEnaney-White
^Mom, the Bomb!`OeGl1VF_LVMNiels Poulsen, Alexis Strong
^Midnight Stroll`IYiL93Y4ebQPeter Metelnick, Alison Biggs
^I'll Be There`N3NXgH3MsPYSue Marshall
^Making HistoryCraig Bennett, Dee Musk, Simon Ward
^Caught In The Moonlight`0KhHNk67Z2cRachael McEnaney-White
^Raggle Taggle Gypsy O`JxgwF7InPWcMaggie Gallagher
^Sugar Honey I.T.`0Da2jmeCFgIJohanna Barnes
^Ain't Misbehavin'`k_RROtAeGPQGuyton Mundy, Jo Thompson Szymanski, Amy Glass
^Uptown Funk`23dqt0tUSjQRob Fowler
^Better When I'm Dancin'`nED5S-vtdRsJulia Wetzel
^Fishing Wishing Kissing`_eV7IsvaxwwValerie O'Shea
^Extreme Love`ZSYsON0buSoNiels Poulsen
^Tempted`lrONn9Kr_boFred Whitehouse
^Strip It Down`GJG3K9WWpdIRachael McEnaney-White
^Imelda's Way`Czv4_WvuUSsAdrian Churm
^Ex's and Oh's`2wliEgShKloAmy Glass
^Every Breath You Take`9kuqWBOh8u8Jo Kinser, John Kinser
^Ticket To The Blues!`rLdL_4I7IewNiels Poulsen
^Beautiful Goodbye`Nh1VvAIzw3YMichael Barr
^Dear Future Husband`aJHDVo7MBl8Julia Wetzel
^Honey I'm Good`KdZopaHwb68Adrian Lefebour, Jessica Lamb
^Lay Low`aTBdKD2YdUwDarren Bailey
^Summer Wind`5nc768oIqLsJo Thompson Szymanski
^Kreedom`4Gl3vnuZeC8Michele Perron, Jo Thompson Szymanski
^Shut Up And Dance`XW-t8-13DoQAlison Biggs, Peter Metelnick
^Dream Lover`6DebU7l9-VUDaniel Whittaker
^Homegrown`QhetuSuQUYwRachael McEnaney-White
^Girl Crush`JhJm1fxwLYsAlison Johnstone, Rachael McEnaney-White
^American Kids`NawsI5zfNw4Randy Pelletier
^Good Time Girls`yjNazjhROB8Karen Kennedy
^Spend Your Last Dime`38QYe8tsFAoDavid Sinfield
^Mamma Maria`Kf9myFfPwUwFrank Trace
^Call Me Maybe`XO3cTbg3uScCraig Bennett
^Dizzy`7PGv7IVyRLYJo Thompson Szymanski
^Rhyme Or Reason`k3LX3TXeRPARachael McEnaney
^Shakatak`TY8YCjgvBuYKate Sala
^Chill Factor`jx8B1FOjhgEDaniel Whittaker, Hayley Westhead

2023 SYNERGY Line Dance