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Country In 3 (CBA 2021)Michele Burton, Maddison Glover, Jo Thompson Szymanski
Give Me ShiversJulia Wetzel
Raised Like ThatDarren Bailey
Boom Boom ClapRoy Verdonk, Sebastiaan Holtland, Annette Rosendahl Dam
FoolishDarren Bailey
Train WreckNiels Poulsen
Cold HeartMaddison Glover
Tonight We're DancingMaddison Glover
Cyber Drop (WDM 21)Fred Whitehouse, Shane McKeever
Soul-StirringJef Camps, Roy Verdonk
In The Morning SunIvonne Verhagen, José Miguel Belloque Vane
Moses Roses ToesesAmy Glass
Bad HabitsMaggie Gallagher, Gary O'Reilly
Would Have Loved HerDarren Bailey
Weekend VibesKarl-Harry Winson, Jamie Barnfield
My BestieColin Ghys, José Miguel Belloque Vane
Kind To MeGary O'Reilly
D.O.DFred Whitehouse
Sundown SwingDarren Tubridy, Elaine Cook, Rob Fowler
Same BoatRachael McEnaney
Glad You ExistMegan Barsuglia
Float Ya' BoatRia Vos
Dance Before You Leave MeMaggie Gallagher
7 Summers ChaElaine Cook, Rob Fowler
Take Your TimeCharlie Bowring, Susan Duncan, Rob Fowler
Dancing In The MoonlightMathew Sinyard
Tequila Little ChaGwen Walker
Dance With DeeAntoinette Seiler
What Happens NextJulia Wetzel
Keep YoungMaggie Gallagher
BothDave Morgan, Jenny Stevenson
I've Seen It AllGary O'Reilly
Safe And SoundDee Musk
Rolling StoneNiels Poulsen
Jo's Tennessee WaltzJo Thompson Szymanski
Just Keep FallingDarren Bailey
Midnight WaltzJo Thompson Szymanski
Runaround SueRaymond Sarlemijn, Ira Weisburd
Little Less BrokenMaddison Glover
Along For The RideTerry Hogan
Drink A Little BeerSobrielo Philip Gene, David Hoyn, Grace David
AbsolutelyNiels Poulsen
3 To TangoAlison Biggs, Peter Metelnick
One Too ManyNeville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris
Get Drunk Get LoudRob Holley
Love Like A SymphonyGrace David, Jef Camps
You Are The Reason BabyAlison Johnstone
Crowd My MindNorman Gifford
Kacey's MoonMathew Sinyard
White Summer DressAnette Starup
DoneDarren Bailey
Now This Is UsNeville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris
Faith, Hope and Love (LDF)Fred Whitehouse, Darren Bailey, José Miguel Belloque Vane
Country Boy Lovin'Maddison Glover
Miss CongenialityJulie Lockton, Sebastiaan Holtland
Lean On MeTammy Wyatt, Vivienne Scott, Chantelle Richards, Rachel Bazuin
No Truck SongTom Glover
Southern DreamsMaddison Glover
Alter EgoKarl-Harry Winson
Day Of The DeadDan Albro
Blinded By The LightsAnna Oldberg
Still Together 6feet Apart!Maggie Pecchia
Hole In The BottleClaire Bell
Nobody, Nobody But YouStep5678
Perfect RemedyJulia Wetzel
Country 2 StepMasters In Line
ReactMaggie Gallagher, Gary O'Reilly
Sweet AttractionKate Sala, Shelly Guichard, Dee Musk
Choose JoyRachael McEnaney-White
Crystal TouchClaire Bell, Maddison Glover
LegendRobbie McGowan Hickie, Karl-Harry Winson
What a Man Gotta DoScott Blevins, Amy Glass
WintergreenMaggie Gallagher
CaliforniaDaniel Whittaker, José Miguel Belloque Vane
Big MouthAmy Glass
Just a PhaseFred Whitehouse, Maddison Glover
Don't Start NowNiels Poulsen
Stomp DownJosé Miguel Belloque Vane, Sebastiaan Holtland
Oh Me Oh My OhRob Fowler
In Other WordsJulia Wetzel
Rolling With LoveHeather Barton, Simon Ward
Like We WereAlison Biggs, Peter Metelnick
Pocket Of HeartsMaggie Gallagher
Sweet Temptation. a.k.a (KDNA)Darren Bailey
Faithful SoulGary O'Reilly, Maggie Gallagher
Turning TablesMaddison Glover, Tom Glover
Thinkin Bout YouAmy Glass
It's Only HumanRhoda Lai
10,000 MoreShane McKeever
AdalaidaGary O'Reilly
Lay Here With MeJulia Wetzel
Baby I'm TornJulia Wetzel
Remember You YoungAmund Storsveen, Jo Thompson Szymanski
Half Past TipsyMaddison Glover, Rachael McEnaney-White
Danny's SongMaddison Glover
Gone WestGary O'Reilly, Maggie Gallagher
Up in the AirRachael McEnaney-White, Simon Ward
Wonderland WaltzRob Fowler, Daniel Whittaker
Sometimes I WonderRon Bloye
Simply The BestMaddison Glover, Rachael McEnaney-White
BoysScott Blevins, Joey Warren
BoredRia Vos
Get up, Get up, Get busyMark Furnell, Chris Godden
Was She Spyin'Ron Bloye
Hey Now!Gary O'Reilly
Midnight HaulerMichele Burton, Michael Barr
Tonight Is RealMaggie Gallagher
Get WildMaddison Glover, Jo Thompson Szymanski
L.I.L.Y. (Like I Love You)Darren Bailey
Romeo TonightKarl-Harry Winson
Sweet And Mentally InsaneWill Craig
Nothing To HideSimon Ward, Chris Watson
Soul ShakeFred Whitehouse
My Heart Is GoneGary O'Reilly
Mad Crazy LoveGary O'Reilly
Something You LoveMaggie Gallagher
5 6 7 8 ReasonsDarren Bailey, Roy Verdonk
Nothing Without YouAmy Glass
Shot of TequilaFred Whitehouse
Bonaparte's RetreatMaddison Glover
World For TwoGary O'Reilly
The ShowGuillaume Richard, Debbie Rushton
It's All About The 3 StepsJosé Miguel Belloque Vane, Roy Verdonk
Knockin' BootsCody Flowers
Senorita La-La-LaJulia Wetzel
Never Growing UpSimon Ward, Maddison Glover, Vivienne Scott
Let Me Down SlowlyJulia Wetzel
Loca, Loca, LocaJosé Miguel Belloque Vane, Sebastiaan Holtland, Roy Verdonk
Good As YouMichele Burton, Michael Barr
SatisfiedAmy Glass
Dancing with a StrangerJohnny Two-Step
Rock ItJulia Wetzel
Lonely BluesRachael McEnaney-White
Everything I HaveGary O'Reilly, Maggie Gallagher
Hotel RoomDaniel Trepat, José Miguel Belloque Vane, Sebastiaan Holtland
SuckerJulia Wetzel
Power Over MeRoy Verdonk, Annette Rosendahl Dam, Jef Camps
Sangria TimePat Stott
Good VibesFred Whitehouse
CodigoPat Stott
Diggin'Amy Glass
Reason to StayDarren Bailey
A Little KissNiels Poulsen
We'll Be DancingMaggie Gallagher
Angel & CoronaDarren Bailey, Kate Sala, Guylaine Bourdages, Roy Verdonk
Nothing But YouDarren Bailey
Keep It SimpleMaggie Gallagher
Lonely LoversMaddison Glover
Music To My EyesDerek Steele, Simon Ward
So Catchy!Maggie Pecchia
No Strings AttachedSimon Ward, Maddison Glover, Niels Poulsen
I BelieveCaroline Cooper, Julie Snailham
Secrets We KeepShane McKeever, Guillaume Richard, Niels Poulsen
All I Am Is YouJulia Wetzel
My RulesAmy Glass
Got My Name Changed BackGail Smith
TapsDarren Bailey
Make It SweetRachael McEnaney-White
Make No PromisesJosé Miguel Belloque Vane, Jef Camps
Healing HandsMaddison Glover
WWW.WestRob Fowler, Shelly Guichard
Yada Yada YadaKate Sala
Waves of LoveGary O'Reilly
Down On Your UppersGary O'Reilly
Just Got PaidMaggie Gallagher
Homesick HeartMaddison Glover
Looking Out For AngelsNiels Poulsen
Queen Of My HeartAmy Yang
Sangria SunTina Argyle
La Fiesta CubanaRoy Verdonk, Daniel Trepat, Marjana Petauer, Maggie Gallagher
Texas TimeAlan Birchall, Jacqui Jax
A Double WhiskeyGary O'Reilly
Into The MorningDwight Meessen
Bedroom BoogieMaddison Glover
Girl With The Fishing RodChristina Yang
I'm On a RollRob Holley
Vanotek ChaGary O'Reilly
I See LoveDwight Meessen
Love FlowNiels Poulsen
Beautiful CrazyDebbie Rushton
Summer Fever Cha-ChaStephen Pistoia
I Close My EyesHazel Pace
Groovy LoveFred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat, Jonas Dahlgren
Second Time AroundFred Whitehouse, Darren Bailey
Feel the BeatChris Watson
New TattooRob Holley
Dirty Little SecretKarl-Harry Winson
Sunshine TwistFred Whitehouse
Half A ChaRob Fowler
A Little Bit LitRob Fowler
Simple As Can BeJulia Wetzel
Tennessee ChaDee Musk
Get It RightMaddison Glover
Surprise In VancouverRaymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk
No ExcusesCraig Bennett, Dee Musk
On the LooseRia Vos
My Mother My Teacher My FriendIra Weisburd
Do It Like ThisJonno Liberman
Honky Tonk HighwayKelly Cavallaro
The DrifterRobbie McGowan Hickie, Tony Vassell
I Got This TooKate Sala
Simple ThingsGaye Teather
Something In The Way You MoveJo Kinser, John Kinser
PerfectAlison Johnstone, Joshua Talbot
Woman AmenRob Fowler
Adventure 45Ria Vos, José Miguel Belloque Vane
I Got A WomanMichael Desire Nieto
Celtic DuoMaggie Gallagher, Gary O'Reilly
Doing The WalkPim Van Grootel, Jef Camps, Roy Verdonk
Whiskey BridgesMaddison Glover
Heartache On The Dance FloorDan Albro
Born To LoveRob Holley
Wandering HeartsGary O'Reilly, Maggie Gallagher
We'll Stay YoungGary O'Reilly, Guillaume Richard, Shane McKeever
Paddy's ChoirGary O'Reilly, Maggie Gallagher
85Rachael McEnaney-White, Kerry Maus
Friday At The DanceRob Fowler, Laura Sway
Meet Me ThereRoy Verdonk, Kevin Deelen, Anja Hauge, Jef Camps
Swagger HipsChris Watson, Linda Burgess
Make You StayDaniel Trepat, Jef Camps, Roy Verdonk
For The WorldMaddison Glover
People Are GoodGary O'Reilly
I'm One Of ThoseDaniel Trepat, José Miguel Belloque Vane, Sebastiaan Holtland
Pull You ThroughMaddison Glover, Jo Thompson Szymanski
Dancin' The DustTina Argyle
Believe In MeDee Musk
BootsMaddison Glover
Clap Clap ClapAmy Glass
Everybody's Groovin'Rhoda Lai, Jo Thompson Szymanski
All The King's HorsesAlison Biggs, Peter Metelnick
Ms MarianneFrank Trace
StoryMaddison Glover
I Won't Back DownRachael McEnaney-White
Havana ChaRia Vos
FemaleRia Vos
Chasing Down a Good TimeDan Albro
Come Dance With MeJo Thompson Szymanski
I'm FreeRaymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk, Jill Babinec
Legends and HeroesJack Swanson, Aly Glasier
Sweet CarolineDarren Bailey
K is For KicksChristopher Gonzalez
Clap SnapPhilip Sobrielo, Rebecca Lee
All Katchi, All Night LongKerry Maus
Dance Her HomeRob Fowler
Got A Hole In My PocketRosie Multari, Jo Thompson Szymanski
Cards On The TableMaggie Gallagher
TwistingLaura Sway, Julie Lockton
BabylonFred Whitehouse
More Than FriendsKate Sala, Dee Musk
Rita's WaltzJo Thompson Szymanski
Think I'm SexyRachael McEnaney-White, Laura Lopez
Drinking ProblemDarren Bailey
All Those Summer NightsStep5678
Love JunkSimon Ward, Chris Watson
The Most Beautiful GirlNiels Poulsen
Eyes For YouJo Thompson Szymanski
Deja VuAnne Herd
Summer SwayCody Flowers, Rachael McEnaney-White, Lisa Utz
The QueenRémi Lemaire, Guillaume Richard, Gaetan Bachellerie
BlessedJackie Miranda
A Monster!Anna Szymanski
Blackpool By The SeaGaye Teather
Gypsy QueenHazel Pace
Champagne PromiseTina Argyle
Life's AboutDwight Meessen, Lee Hamilton
Tango With Me DarlingRob Fowler, Daniel Whittaker
Tick Tick BoomDebbie Rushton, Tim Johnson, Jean-Pierre Madge
Slowly, Gently, Softly (SGS)Gary O'Reilly
Ride The Roller CoasterVivienne Scott
Lonely DrumDarren Mitchell
Pom PomsFred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat, Guillaume Richard
Girl Of The SummerKate Sala
Darling Stand By MeAlison Biggs, Peter Metelnick
Break It Back DownDwight Meessen
Drunken DreamsFred Whitehouse, Niels Poulsen
And Get It OnGary Lafferty
CT ShuffleFred Whitehouse, Darren Bailey
Fooling AroundJulia Wetzel, Simon Ward
Heads And TailsDaniel Trepat, Remco Zwijgers, Ivonne Verhagen, Jo Kinser, John Kinser, Giuseppe Scaccianoce
Happily Ever AfterMaddison Glover
Alabama Slammin'Rachael McEnaney-White
Kissing StrangersRachael McEnaney-White, Simon Ward
Rhythm InsideDarren Bailey
1159Rachael McEnaney-White
Craving YouLieren King
In The Cheap Seats..Neville Fitzgerald, Julie Harris
Diamonds And DaughtersMaddison Glover, Tom Glover
ItalianoRachael McEnaney-White, Shane McKeever, Niels Poulsen
Do A Little LifeMaddison Glover, Michelle Risley
Don't Give UpVikki Morris
Nancy MulliganMaggie Gallagher, Gary O'Reilly
ShadyDarren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse, Amy Glass
Bullfrog On A LogCef Decaney
ReflectionAlison Johnstone
The FluteMaggie Gallagher
Honey PieMaggie Gallagher
Oops BabyCody Flowers, Rachael McEnaney-White
Yeah!Michael Barr
East To West 17Alison Johnstone, Simon Ward
Waltzing At TwilightJohn Dembiec
Ain't GivingFred Whitehouse
Dig Your HeelsMaddison Glover
Bruno's WayNiels Poulsen
Hey StrangerRoy Verdonk, Amy Glass
24K MagicRob Fowler
Dance Like Your DaddyJulia Wetzel
StitchesAmy Glass
Blue Night ChaKim Ray
Corazon DiamanteRoy Verdonk, Maggie Gallagher, Gary O'Reilly
Woman UpRachael McEnaney-White, Amy Christian
Take Me To The RiverRoy Verdonk, Jonas Dahlgren
Such A FoolNiels Poulsen
Jesse JamesRachael McEnaney-White
A Love Worth Waiting 4Norman Gifford
Blue Night ChaKim Ray
Blue Ain't Your ColorRoy Verdonk, José Miguel Belloque Vane
Bush PartyGudrun Schneider
Cliché Love SongJo Thompson Szymanski, Guyton Mundy, John Robinson
Wagon Wheel RockYvonne Anderson
California DreamRhoda Lai
I Love Me MostBetty Moses
A Real Good TimeTim Gauci
EmergencyFrank Trace
Wanna Thank YouJulia Wetzel
Happy In LoveFrank Trace
Midler's WayAdrian Churm
Your Heaven!Niels Poulsen
Rock and Roll MusicRachael McEnaney-White
ConfidentAmy Glass
Dock Of The BayRachael McEnaney-White
So Just Dance Dance Dance !José Miguel Belloque Vane, Guillaume Richard
ToesRachael McEnaney-White
Big Blue TreeRia Vos
A SmileSusy O'Shea
The BompKim Ray
The FighterNiels Poulsen, Raymond Sarlemijn, Roy Verdonk
Humble and KindDarren Bailey
All Bass No TrebleJonno Liberman, Alix Liberman
Die A Happy ManRachael McEnaney-White
Mom, the Bomb!Niels Poulsen, Alexis Strong
Midnight StrollPeter Metelnick, Alison Biggs
I'll Be ThereSue Marshall
Making HistoryCraig Bennett, Dee Musk, Simon Ward
Caught In The MoonlightRachael McEnaney-White
Raggle Taggle Gypsy OMaggie Gallagher
Sugar Honey I.T.Johanna Barnes
Ain't Misbehavin'Guyton Mundy, Jo Thompson Szymanski, Amy Glass
Uptown FunkRob Fowler
Better When I'm Dancin'Julia Wetzel
Fishing Wishing KissingValerie O'Shea
Extreme LoveNiels Poulsen
TemptedFred Whitehouse
Strip It DownRachael McEnaney-White
Imelda's WayAdrian Churm
Ex's and Oh'sAmy Glass
Beautiful GoodbyeMichael Barr
Every Breath You TakeJo Kinser, John Kinser
Dear Future HusbandJulia Wetzel
Ticket To The Blues!Niels Poulsen
Summer WindJo Thompson Szymanski
Honey I'm GoodAdrian Lefebour, Jessica Lamb
Lay LowDarren Bailey
KreedomMichele Perron, Jo Thompson Szymanski
Shut Up And DanceAlison Biggs, Peter Metelnick
HomegrownRachael McEnaney-White
Dream LoverDaniel Whittaker
Girl CrushAlison Johnstone, Rachael McEnaney-White
American KidsRandy Pelletier
Good Time GirlsKaren Kennedy
Spend Your Last DimeDavid Sinfield
Call Me MaybeCraig Bennett
DizzyJo Thompson Szymanski
Rhyme Or ReasonRachael McEnaney
ShakatakKate Sala

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